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Man accidentally sells box spring containing cat

ROCKCREEK, Ore. (UPI) -- An Oregon man said he is searching for his girlfriend's cat after he mistakenly sold a box spring that the feline was using as a hiding place.

Roy Dufek of Rockcreek said in a Reddit post he was selling two bed sets for ...

AKC announces four new dog breeds

NEW YORK (UPI) -- The American Kennel Club announced it is formally recognizing four new breeds, including the Spanish water dog, bringing the total number of breeds to 184.

The organization said the four new breeds -- Spanish water dog, cirneco ...

Dog accidentally shoots owner with rifle

SHERIDAN, Wyo. (UPI) -- Authorities in Wyoming said a man was shot in the arm when his dog stepped on a loaded gun in the back seat of his pickup truck.

Johnson County Sheriff Steve Kozisek said Richard Fipps, 46, of Sheridan, was standing next ...