Christmas Around the World

How much do you know about Christmas in other countries? All the answers to this quiz can be found in the holiday section of this site - see how well you can remember what you read.

Points available: 10


According to Greek legend, Santa Claus:

  • A) Lives at the top of a mountain.
  • B) Guards sailors at sea.
  • C) Disguises himself as a poor man on Christmas Eve.
  • D) Has a sleigh pulled by horses instead of reindeer.

What special Christmas treat is only served in Japan?

  • A) Candy swans
  • B) Fish-shaped cookies
  • C) Christmas cake
  • D) Chocolate pandas

The Noche de los Rabanos festival in Mexico features roadside booths decorated with what carved vegetable?

  • A) Pumpkins
  • B) Yellow squash
  • C) Radishes
  • D) Turnips

The Russian Orthodox Church has moved the official date of Christmas to:

  • A) December 20th
  • B) January 2nd
  • C) January 6th
  • D) January 7th

The Greek word "Christopsomo" is most closely translated as:

  • A) Christ bread
  • B) Christmas treat
  • C) Christmas gift
  • D) Christ's blessing

Children make origami versions of these as symbols of peace at Christmas.

  • A) Swans
  • B) Flowers
  • C) Doves
  • D) Lambs

In Mexico, a ring-shaped cake is usually served at Christmas with:

  • A) Coffee
  • B) Hot chocolate
  • C) Spiced wine
  • D) Brandy

During the Communist years in Russia, St. Nicholas became known as:

  • A) Grandfather Frost
  • B) Christkindlen
  • C) Sinterklaas
  • D) Nekomich

Elves in Greek Christmas stories are:

  • A) Tall
  • B) Female
  • C) Evil
  • D) Nonexistent

According to Mexican Christmas tradition, if you find a figurine of the Christ Child in the Kings' Cake, what are you required to do?

  • A) Kiss the hostess
  • B) Give all your presents to someone else
  • C) Prepare Christmas dinner next year
  • D) Throw the next party