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Vocabulary / Knowledge

Today's Word "Troglodyte"

troglodyte \TRAHG-leh-dIt\ (noun) - A prehistoric or ancient cave dweller, hence a reclusive, anachronistic person who resists change; a pongid (gorilla, orangutan, or chimpanzee). "Jane is a troglodyte who brushes her hair, wears sensible ...

Today's Word "Brook"

brook \brUk (verb) - To put up with or stand for; to tolerate. "Rick will brook any amount of nonsense as long as his girlfriend keeps his number on speed-dial."

Today's Word "Susurrous"

susurrous \seh-SU-rehs\ (adjective) - Pertaining to a susurrus (whispering sound), having or similar to whispering or rustling sounds. "When vacationing at the beach house, Linda always left the windows open, as she found the susurrous sound ...

Today's Word "Fanfaronade"

fanfaronade \faen-fae-reh-NEYD\ (noun) - Verbal fanfare: boasting or blustering boisterously. "Walters introduced his daughter with a fanfaronade that embarrassed her so much she interrupted him."

Today's Word "Druther"

druther \DREH-dhehr\ (noun) - (Slang) Choice, option. "When it comes to alternatives to his fast food job, hish school dropout Danny had very few druthers." This word is a gift from the US South to the English-speaking world. It was clipped ...

Today's Word "Supererogation"

supererogation \su-peh-RER-eh-gey-shehn\ (noun) - The act of performing beyond the call of duty; the act of doing more than is necessary. "At Christmastime, we must never forget Santa Claus's supererogation in bringing toys to so many children ...