Vocabulary / Knowledge

Today's Word "Haywire"

haywire \HEY-wIr\ (adjective) - (Colloquial) Crazy, out of control. "Melissa's cat had a haywire moment this weekend and started chasing dogs." Today's term is colloquial if not slang, which means its usage is restricted to casual ...

Today's Word "Imbroglio"

imbroglio \im-BROL-yo\ (noun) - A confused tangle or mess; an intricately woven plot or set of circumstances; an embroilment. "Clinton's presidency was muddled by an imbroglio with a White House intern."

Today's Word "Assassin"

assassin \eh-SAE-sin\ (noun) - A person who commits murder by surprise attack, especially one who murders a politically important figure either for hire or from fanatical motives. "Assassination has never changed the history of the world." - ...

Today's Word "Anthropomorphism"

anthropomorphism \aen-threh-peh-MOR-fi-zehm\ (noun) - Assigning human properties to an inhuman object. "Max would always get chills when Mariah spoke of her pet rock anthropomorphically."

Today's Word "Cacoepy"

cacoepy \kaek-O-eh-pee or KAEK-o-e-pee\ (noun) - Incorrect pronunciation. "Astute readers of Arcamax's daily vocabulary ezine need never engage in cacoepy, nor clumsy misspellings."

Today's Word "Lilt"

lilt \LILT\ (verb) - To move or speak musically, in a lively, pleasant, and cheerful fashion. "Kayleigh has a lovely, lilting smile that makes all she encounters feel good."