Today's Word "Hoghenhin"

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hoghenhine \HAH-gehn-hIn\ (noun) - (English Medieval Law) A legal member of one's own family; a visitor who remains past the third night or the third night of a visit itself in someone else's home.

"Confident of the quality of his bloodline, Terry exclaimed, 'No hoghenhine of mine would ever do such a thing!'"

Old English ...Read more

Today's Word "Wrought"

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wrought \rat\ (adjective) - Worked, crafted, done.

"The antiqued knotty pine shelf was wrought by my freat-grandfather back when 'wrought' was the only participle for 'work.'"

Middle English wroght, Old English geworht, the past participle of wyrcan "to work" and the origin of "work," as well. The same root *werg developed ...Read more

Today's Word "Enjoin"

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enjoin \en-JOYN\ (verb) - 1 : To force or compel someone to take an action or cease in some action, usually with a court order or "injunction" (to enjoin someone to act/from acting). 2 : To forbid or prevent by legal action (to enjoin any public activity).

"The Republican Party asked the Florida courts to enjoin the election ...Read more

Today's Word "Extirpate"

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extirpate \EK-stehr-peyt\ (verb) - 1 : To completely remove surgically. 2 : To annihilate, exterminate, destroy completely, especially by rooting out.

"We are going to extirpate every single source of drugs in the city."

Latin exstirpare "to root out, eradicate" from ex "out (of)" + stirp-s "trunk, root." Related to torp-ere "...Read more

Today's Word "Steganography"

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steganography \ste-gehn-AH-greh-fee\ (noun) - Hiding writing in plain view, cryptography.

"Thomas loves to steganographically conceal messages in his letters to Isabel."

From Greek steganos "covered" + graphein "to write." "Steganos" comes from stegein "to cover (water-tight)." Domos hala stegon "a house that keeps out the ...Read more

Today's Word "Peripatetic"

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peripatetic \pe-reh-peh-TE-tik\ (adjective) - 1 : On foot, walking from place to place. 2 : Relating to the methods and thought of Aristotle, who conducted discussions while walking.

"Never one who fancied peripatetic locomotion, particularly in the midday summer sun, Jeff told the gentleman at the auto repair establishment to...Read more

Today's Word "Boogie"

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boogie \BU-gee\ (verb) - (Humorous slang) To dance in a fast and unrestrained fashion; to move quickly, hurry; to leave or get moving.

"Devon determined that he'd better boogie if he was to finish his papers, study for his mid-terms, and manage to work his customary sixty-hour week at the coffee shop."

From "boogie-woogie" a ...Read more

Today's Word "Whelm"

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whelm \hwelm (verb) - To overturn a concave object (boat, bowl, etc.) to cover something with it (= to whelve); to bury under earth, snow, or water; to engulf in a devastating manner, e.g. a flood, storm, avalanche.

"Everyone seemed monumentally underwhelmed by Jeff's performance as CEO, to say the least."

Old English hwelman...Read more

Today's Word "Primogeniture"

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primogeniture \prI-meh-GEN-eh-t(y)Ur of -chUr\ (noun) - The status of having been born first; also the law of inheritance whereby land is inherited by the first-born (son).

"As Jack was always telling his big brother, primogeniture did not give him the right in the house to fossick around in his room when Jack wasn't there."

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Today's Word "Maleficent"

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maleficent \meh-LE-fi-sint\ (adjective) - Evil, intensely spiteful, causing harm to others.

"Even though Laurent loved the play by his significant other's new boyfriend, he wrote a maleficent review harshly critical of it."

Latin malefic-us from male "ill, evil" + -ficus "-making, -doing," from facere "to make, do." Also found...Read more

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