More SAT Vocabulary

If one SAT Vocabulary quiz wasn't enough, here's the next round -- More SAT Vocabulary. It's fun and will help prepare your child for the big test...

Points available: 10


Although unclear on the company's mission, the employees continued to work without reservation. Which of the following words best describes the actions of the employees?

  • A) Transient
  • B) Idolatrous
  • C) Amendable
  • D) Contiguous

Student athletes are often scorned for putting just enough effort into their studies to get by, while displaying an admirable work ethic only in their athletic endeavours. Which of the following words best describes the academic efforts of student athletes?

  • A) Voracious
  • B) Superfluous
  • C) Pristine
  • D) Perfunctory

In the last question, what word best describes the athletic efforts of student athletes?

  • A) Garrulous
  • B) Bombastic
  • C) Sedulous
  • D) Halcyon

To most people, there seemed to be nothing wrong with her, but her long time friend could tell right away that something was wrong. What quality does the best friend display?

  • A) Acumen
  • B) Avarice
  • C) Hubris
  • D) Dilettante

In the last question, what word best describes 'her'?

  • A) Volatile
  • B) Refulgent
  • C) Reticent
  • D) Sparse

He made plans to hang out with five different people in the same night, he had no car, and he had to work late. Which of the following words best describes his situation?

  • A) A neophyte
  • B) A debacle
  • C) An exegisis
  • D) An imbroglio

She was left alone in the room for two hours with the answers to the test on the desk 10 feet in front of her, but she did not even glance in their direction. Which of the following words best describes her behavior?

  • A) August
  • B) Spurious
  • C) Prosaic
  • D) Vigilant

They were both voraciously hungry, but neither wanted to spend the money to buy a snack. Which word best describes their decision?

  • A) Pernicious
  • B) Credulous
  • C) Penurious
  • D) Acerbic

They had the compliance of every member of the jury except one, who seemed to come into the case convinced of a verdict. What did the lone jury member have coming into the case?

  • A) Predilection
  • B) Veracity
  • C) Synthesis
  • D) Axiom

While the jury met, one jury member continually pointed out unflattering facts about the defendant that had little to do with the case. What word best describes this behavior?

  • A) Aberrant
  • B) Capricous
  • C) Sordid
  • D) Captious