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Quinn on Nutrition: Eggs unscrambled

I'm not tooo excited to be with my granddaughter and soon-to-be-born grandson this Easter. So of course we need to know about eggs. Here's an update:

Best method to hard-cook Easter eggs by the American Egg Board:

Place eggs in a single layer in...

Quinn on Nutrition: Genetic clues to slow aging

I'm gazing at a perfectly sweet picture of my granddaughter. All smiles. Face fresh and glowing like a spring flower. Bet she has long telomeres.

Say again? Telomeres are part of the genetic material within our cells that -- believe it or not -- ...

Quinn on Nutrition: What now about fat?

My doc was pleased that my blood tests had improved.

"Cholesterol's down," he reassured me.

Yay. Trying to avoid excess saturated fat in my diet paid off.

Then he handed me a copy -- hot off the press -- of a report in the Annals of Internal ...

Quinn on Nutrition: Just for fun

It's that time of year -- right around April Fool's day -- when I get to share some of the corny jokes brought my way this past season. Prepare yourself. And thanks (I think) to those of you who contributed these groaners:

A man walks into the ...

Quinn on Nutrition: Teaching kids to eat right

One hand-made envelope was filled with dried flower petals. In another was a hand-written poem: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar is bad and I'll miss you."

Thank you letters from students at Lagunitas Elementary School -- one of several ...

Quinn on Nutrition: Nutrition for the aging brain

It's ironic. Here I am feeling stressed and losing sleep trying to finish a column about how to keep my brain from aging prematurely. Turns out these are two culprits that can speed up the aging process of my poor brain, I learned in a recent ...