RECAP: The BET Awards

Test your knowledge on the BET Awards history since the beginning of its establishment... I hope you know when that was!

Points available: 10


In which year was this celebration of African Americans and other minorities established?

  • A) 2001
  • B) 1995
  • C) 1999

Who hosted the Awards in 2008?

  • A) Jamie Foxx
  • B) Mo'Nique
  • C) DL Hughley

In 2005, which Kanye West song won the award for "Video of the Year"?

  • A) Through the Wire
  • B) Gold Digger
  • C) Jesus Walks

As of 2011, which artist holds the ranking for the "most wins" in BET Award history?

  • A) Lil Wayne
  • B) Chris Brown
  • C) Beyonce

In 2009, the Awards showcase was completely changed and re-themed due to .....?

  • A) the lack of artist involvement
  • B) Hurricane Katrina
  • C) the death of Michael Jackson

Who hosted the 10th anniversary Awards?

  • A) Queen Latifah
  • B) Jamie Foxx
  • C) Kevin Hart

Who was the first caucasian to be nominated for a BET Award?

  • A) Eminem
  • B) Justin Timberlake
  • C) Paul Wall

Which artist took home three Awards in the 2010 ceremony?

  • A) Lil Wayne
  • B) Nicki Minaj
  • C) Drake

True or False. Soulja Boy performed at the 2011 BET Awards ceremony.

  • A) True
  • B) False

True or False. The BET Awards has been hosted at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles since 2004.

  • A) True
  • B) False