Abraham Lincoln

Points available: 10


Which of these facts is not true of Abraham Lincoln?

  • A) He was the tallest President.
  • B) He was the first President to have a beard while in office.
  • C) He is the only President ever to hold a patent.
  • D) He was the first President to own a dog while in office.

What was Lincoln's favorite sport?

  • A) Football
  • B) Badminton
  • C) Wrestling
  • D) Swimming

Who suggested to Lincoln that he should grow a beard?

  • A) A little girl
  • B) His wife
  • C) A voter
  • D) His running-mate

Who was Lincoln's favorite author?

  • A) Charles Dickens
  • B) Edgar Allan Poe
  • C) Washington Irving
  • D) Jane Austen

How did Lincoln receive the scar over his right eye?

  • A) A sports injury
  • B) In battle
  • C) From a fight with a gang of thieves
  • D) Falling downstairs in the middle of the night

Which of these animals did Lincoln never keep as a pet?

  • A) A dog
  • B) A cat
  • C) A rabbit
  • D) A turkey

On what religious observance did Lincoln's assassination fall?

  • A) Easter
  • B) Good Friday
  • C) The Annunciation
  • D) The Ascension

What killed Lincoln's mother?

  • A) Poisoned milk
  • B) An accident while cooking
  • C) A fall from a tree
  • D) An attack from a farm animal

Which family member was Lincoln named after?

  • A) His father
  • B) His grandfather
  • C) His uncle
  • D) His cousin

Which of these did Lincoln and his wife host regularly in the White House?

  • A) Play performances
  • B) Costume parties
  • C) Seances
  • D) Indoor sports