Classic Rock

Test your knowledge of Classic Rock.

Points available: 10


Which band did not include Eric Clapton?

  • A) Derek and the Dominoes
  • B) Cream
  • C) Blind Faith
  • D) The Zombies

Who sang the lyrics, "livin' on reds, vitamin C and cocaine"?

  • A) Crosby Stills, Nash and Young
  • B) The Grateful Dead
  • C) Bob Dylan
  • D) John Prine

In "Tommy" by The Who, what game is Tommy an expert in?

  • A) Bowling
  • B) Chess
  • C) Billiards
  • D) Pinball

Which performer was NOT in Led Zeppelin?

  • A) Neil Pert
  • B) John Bonham
  • C) Jimmy Page
  • D) Robert Plant

Who sang songs about the states Ohio and Alabama?

  • A) Bob Dylan
  • B) Neil Young
  • C) Jerry Garcia
  • D) The Hollies

What band was Brian Jones with before he died?

  • A) Rolling Stones
  • B) Beatles
  • C) The Who
  • D) The Kinks

What band was featured in "The Last Waltz"?

  • A) The Grateful Dead
  • B) The Yardbirds
  • C) The Band
  • D) CSNY

What band featured the Davies brothers?

  • A) The Zombies
  • B) The Hollies
  • C) The Kinks
  • D) The Band

What Southern Rock band had songs including "Jessica", "Midnight Rider", and "Whipping Post"?

  • A) Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • B) Molly Hatchett
  • C) The Marshall Tucker Band
  • D) The Allman Brothers Band

Before his solo career and the band "Traffic", who did Steve Winwood sing with?

  • A) The Spencer Davis Group
  • B) Mountain
  • C) Fleetwood Mac
  • D) Pink Floyd