Cameron Boyce having big TV week

LOS ANGELES -- Cameron Boyce rolls up his left pants leg to reveal a bruise about the size of a baseball. It's a souvenir from all of the acrobatic dancing he's been doing for an episode of his new Disney XD series, "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything."

Boyce plays Conor, a professional teen video gamer who must attend high school for the ...Read more

List of DVD release dates for July 28 and beyond

Following is a partial schedule of coming movies on DVD. Release dates are subject to change:


28: Home

28: Comet

28: Helix – Season 02

28: Justice League: Gods and Monsters

28:The Water Diviner

31: Descendants



4: Do You Believe?

4: Far From the Madding Crowd

4:True Story

4: Child 44

4: A Little Chaos

4: ...Read more

Michael Brown controversial, even in art

CHICAGO -- A life-sized simulation of Michael Brown's body lies face-down on the floor, surrounded by police tape and traffic cones while above him, a video image of Eartha Kitt sings about black angels.

A small model of the Statue of Liberty stands on a pedestal, its visage done up in blackface.

A canvas of cracker boxes forms the backdrop ...Read more

'Devious Maids' star draws on her family experiences

You may know her for her role as Rosie Falta on Lifetime's "Devious Maids." Dania Ramirez's own life is as interesting as that of the character she plays. Her parents left the Dominican Republic to move to the United States for a better life, and she stayed in her home country with her grandmother. They worked to bring her and her siblings to ...Read more

Making the workplace the focus of movies

"Out here, it is all about our hustle."

These words are spoken in the opening scene of "Tangerine." The story of two transgender street-level sex workers, the film remains keenly aware of the importance of work and money. In that scene, the two share a single doughnut because that's all they can afford.

But far too often in American movies, ...Read more

Audio recordings Marlon Brando made of himself over the years are the basis for new documentary 'Listen to Me Marlon'

"Listen to me, Marlon... This is one part of yourself speaking to another part of yourself. Listen to the sound of my voice and trust me. You know I have your interests at heart."

-- Excerpt from a self-hypnosis tape recorded in 1996 by Marlon Brando

By any measure, Marlon Brando was one of the most influential actors in the history of cinema....Read more

Diplo is reaching out to grab you

When Diplo travels to Las Vegas for his regular gig at the nightclub XS, he doesn't take a private jet as many of his peers in Vegas' cash-choked club scene do. Instead, the Los Angeles-based DJ and producer usually trudges through TSA with the plebes at Burbank's Bob Hope Airport, not far from the recording studio where he does much of his work...Read more

New on DVD: New DVDs July 28, include the dull 'Home' and funny 'Mystery Science Theater'

The July 28 DVD releases feature future threats, past heroics and some fun movies.

"Home" (1 star): The combination of a feeble script, unnecessary music montages, unlikable characters and so-so animation leave "Home" a close encounter of the dull kind. E.T. would use his call to phone the theater to get his money back.

Even those who put the ...Read more

Television Q&A: Questions on 'Bosch,' 'Chicago' shows, 'Below Deck,' more

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: Author Michael Connelly has a series of books with detective Harry Bosch. Last year there was a series called "Bosch" that I read about on the author's website. It is to be on this year again, he states. Do you know when and what station?

A: "Bosch," with Titus Welliver as the star, is an online ...Read more

St. Louis Post-Dispatch movie critic Joe Williams killed in crash

ST. LOUIS -- Joe Williams didn't march to the beat of a different drummer; he strolled with his own rhythm section.

Armed with passionate curiosity, a contagious smile and a bone-deep belief that good movies are precious gifts, Williams threw himself into serving the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as its movie critic.

That 15-year run ended ...Read more

Nick Gordon's mom speaks out; some Bobbi Kristina Brown autopsy results emerge

An autopsy has been conducted on the body of Bobbi Kristina Brown, who died Sunday evening at an Atlanta-area hospice nearly six months after she was found unresponsive in the home she shared with boyfriend Nick Gordon, authorities said Monday.

Also Monday, Gordon's mother spoke out on behalf of herself and her son, who was raised from age 12 ...Read more

James L. White, screenwriter for Ray Charles film 'Ray,' dies at 67

LOS ANGELES -- When James L. White was being raised by a single mother in rural Kentucky, he was taunted by children who chanted, "Who's your daddy?"

So he would tell stories.

"I'd come up with someone who was famous, like Jackie Robinson or Bill Cosby, and I'd say they were my daddy," White said in a 2005 Los Angeles Times interview. "I'd ...Read more

Bobbi Kristina Brown: A protector who never got to stand on her own

Bobbi Kristina Brown's death at the age of 22 on Sunday was the final chapter in a tragic narrative that unfolded over the last six months.

But going back even further, it was always tough to think her story would end happily.

I saw Bobbi Kristina with her mother, Whitney Houston, just days before the superstar died in 2012. The role reversal ...Read more

New albums: Jill Scott; Wilco; Public Enemy; Alan Jackson



(Atlantic 1/2)

From her beginnings in the Philly spoken-word scene, that blessed Black Lily era that has given us a generation of great singers and songwriters, Jill Scott has been a poet, an actress, and one heck of a vocalist. As a singer, she's best when she's acting; as an actress, she's best when she's a poet.

On "...Read more

Simon Cowell's vision for 'America's Got Talent' still going strong

It's hard to believe but "America's Got Talent" celebrates its 10th anniversary Wednesday with a two-hour special. Who would've thought that a break-dancing cow, a turtle puppet that sings like Roy Orbison, or a guy who makes music with his fingers could make a winning show?

The person who thought so was Simon Cowell, so well known for his "...Read more

Richards' third solo album has heart

What do you do when your bandmate and songwriting partner happens to be one of the most celebrated lead singers in all of rock 'n' roll?

If you're Keith Richards, you largely keep your mouth shut and be content to be one of the most celebrated lead guitarists in all of rock 'n' roll.

Still, from time to time you might have something to say, ...Read more

'Tour' of words in the early world of David Foster Wallace

Right after the new road movie "The End of the Tour" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, a movie-industry friend texted me her thoughts. Starring Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg, "End of the Tour" chronicles a real-life journey taken by then-Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky (Eisenberg) and the late postmodern novelist David ...Read more

Bill Cosby team's PR move may be too late in court of public opinion

NEW YORK -- Bill Cosby's legal team is not going to take it anymore.

Last week, a new public face appeared in Monique Pressley, defending the once-beloved comic performer now beleaguered by allegations of sexual assault from dozens of women. The Washington, D.C-based attorney, whose specialties include civil litigation, became the main legal ...Read more

Rachel McAdams as a movie star? She opts to be busy working actress

There's a story that always comes up when people talk about Rachel McAdams, one that reveals her ambivalence about the machinery of Hollywood.

A decade ago, after she'd just starred in three huge hits in a row, "The Notebook," "Mean Girls" and "Wedding Crashers," she was asked to pose on the cover of Vanity Fair. She was supposed to be ...Read more

Indie drama 'Unexpected' bumps into pregnant director's real life

CHICAGO -- Filmmaker Kris Swanberg is expecting her second child any day now. She is due soon – and "Unexpected," her new film about pregnancy and impending motherhood, just opened.

The timing of it all -- well, it's kind of funny. Recognizing the humor of it, Swanberg rolled her eyes and laughed when we met over coffee recently.

Real life ...Read more