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In 'House of Cards,' clothes make the Underwoods

The conniving politician at the center of the Netflix drama "House of Cards" is named Frank, but he's anything but honest, forthright and direct. His wife was christened Claire -- an ironic choice for a woman who always has an ulterior motive.


What's worth watching, and what's not, this fall


The show you can't miss this fall is not on network TV, cable or even Netflix. "Transparent," a dark comedy about the most dysfunctional family since the Bluths of "Arrested Development," belongs to Amazon Studios, which is fast ...

Haley Joel Osment back in the game with 'Tusk'

There were few juvenile actors in more demand around the turn of the 20th Century than Haley Joel Osment.

He earned a spot in film history for uttering one of the most quoted pieces of dialogue, the line "I see dead people" in "The Sixth Sense." ...