Wiley Miller

Wiley Miller started his career as an editorial cartoonist with the Greensboro, N.C., News and Record in 1976. Six years later, he created his first syndicated comic strip, "Fenton," and returned to editorial cartooning in 1985. His current series, "Non Sequitur," is the only comic to win a Reuben in its first series of syndication; its unique flexible format has also made it the only comic to win in both the comic strip and comic panel categories.

Wiley Miller's past recognitions include being named Best Editorial Cartoonist by the California Newspaper Publishers Association in 1988, and the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism award for editorial cartooning in 1991. Today, he continues to meet and surpass his personal goal: "Produce the funniest, best-drawn cartoon possible, regardless of theme, subject matter or setting."


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