Gary Markstein and Anthony Rubino Jr.

The team behind "Daddy's Home" -- Tony Rubino and Gary Markstein -- both began their work as cartoonists early in their school years. Rubino went on to be published in the American University student newspaper, and his work was later syndicated by Tribune Media's College Press service. While working on his syndicated comic, he contributed artwork to publications such as "MAD Magazine" and "National Lampoon."

Gary Markstein also worked as a cartoonist for his college newspaper at Arizona State University, where he majored in graphic design. Specializing in political cartoons, Markstein went on to be syndicated with Copley News Service in 1985. He has also been featured in "Newsweek," "Time," and "U.S. News and World Report," and has won two Global Media Awards and the John Fischetti Award in 1997.

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