Two-time Eclipse winner Songbird is retired

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SAN DIEGO -- One of the potential stars of Del Mar's first Breeders' Cup won't make it to the starting gate.

Songbird, a two-time Eclipse Award-winning filly and a favorite for this year's Breeders' Cup Distaff, was retired Thursday due to medical issues in both her hind legs.

"We have a situation where it'd be dangerous for Songbird to ...Read more

Pressure is on Del Mar for things to go right as Breeders' Cup looms later in year

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DEL MAR, Calif. -- There is a digital clock in the foyer of the executive offices of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. Its bright red numbers are in constant movement.

Late Monday morning the clock read: 108 days, 12 hours, 23 minutes. And at that moment, 25 seconds.

That is the countdown to when Del Mar will host for the first time the biggest ...Read more

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