Sean Keeler: Broncos QB Russell Wilson talks a legendary game. So when will he start playing one?

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DENVER — One’s a born fibber, the other’s deluded. Sean Payton and Russell Wilson deserve one another, don’t they? Two tail ends of a pantomime horse, bound by Walmart money, galloping in opposite directions until the seams split.

Alas, the laws of physics decree that two planets of that much ego, spinning their narratives like a Cal Quantrill splitter, can’t survive in the same space for long.

We’re down to the final few weeks now, in all likelihood, as Payton, the Broncos’ coach, secretly crosses days off the calendar the way Elmer Fudd did just before Wabbit Season.

The lawyers drew up the divorce papers months ago. This public stuff is just pretext to get out in front of the inevitable.

Although if Big Russ played as well as he postures, we wouldn’t be wringing our knuckles about the best way to eat $85 million in dead cap money.

Now let’s be clear on two things, right out of the chute: First, the Broncos completely and hilariously botched RussGate. Second, Jarrett Stidham is not a QB1 for a franchise that’s serious about anything but saving a buck.


All that being said, forgive me, Russ. I don’t feel it. Not a wisp of sympathy. There are no “good guys” and “bad guys” here. In the case of Broncos v. Wilson, everybody stinks.

Payton has all the tact of a truncheon. Denial is a river that runs fast between the ears of Big Russ, who keeps looking into the mirror and seeing Drew Brees staring back. If Wilson’s a $40 million QB, I’m William Faulkner.

“I got that call, ‘Hey, we’re going to bench you for the next nine games if you don’t change your injury guarantee.’ … I didn’t want to set a precedent for players with injury guarantees. There was no way I was going to do that,'” Wilson recalled to former Bronco Brandon Marshall during the most recent drop of Marshall’s “I Am Athlete” podcast. “I told them I wasn’t going to do it, no shot.”

Now If Wilson truly wanted to stick around the Front Range, as he intimated to Marshall, he wouldn’t have thrown the Broncos under the bus again in front of microphone. No way.


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