Mac Engel: Travis Kelce's incident with Andy Reid is not a black, white race issue. It's about ball.

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FORT WORTH, Texas — There are no less than 25,022 examples of inequality and racism every time you open your eyes, so all of us don’t need to find another when it’s not actually there.

Because when you insist that it’s all about race, you might just find it’s more about sports.

About football.

About you.

During the Kansas City Chiefs’ 25-22 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend lost his stuff and bumped into his head coach.

After a second quarter fumble by Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco, tight end Travis Kelce was caught on the sidelines screaming into coach Andy Reid’s face and he bumped into him. A bump from Travis Kelce is a Ford truck hitting your living room couch.


This looked like a football player who had crossed the line with his head coach, and had zero control of his emotions. Your amped up meat head who forgot where he was, or didn’t care.

These are both eventual Pro Football Hall of Famers, and it was an ugly look. We teach our kids to “keep your hands to yourself,” and failing to meet this kindergarten-level standard is pathetic.

In the immediate seconds, minutes and hours after this bump, a handful of prominent players, and people, took to their devices to express what they think is a double standard.

“If that was me I would have been kicked outta of the league,” read a post on X during the Super Bowl from an account that supposedly belonged to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown, though a follow-up post claimed the account belonged to a fan.


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