Mac Engel: They did it! By thumping the Eagles the Dallas Cowboys achieve this 'historical' mark

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ARLINGTON, Texas — The Dallas Cowboys’ march to a third-consecutive 10-win season has been the equivalent of driving across Interstate 30 at rush hour in quarantine-level traffic.

For a third consecutive season the Cowboys have reached double digit wins, only this season most of their obstacles have been as tall as the yellow line on a highway.

On Sunday night, the Cowboys toyed around with what was their biggest obstacle to date: the Philadelphia Eagles, whom the Cowboys treated like roadkill.

The Cowboys easily handled the Eagles in a 33-13 win. This was the most impressive win of the season for the Cowboys, which when you consider their opponents leaves them vulnerable to deserved scrutiny.

The Cowboys have now won 10 games for a third consecutive season for the first time since 1994-96. Something happened in that three-year stretch that you old timers out there may remember without the aid of the Google machine (a Super Bowl).

The Cowboys are tied with the Eagles for first place in the NFC East; that’s great, right up until that moment you remember the Cowboys should actually be in first place.


The Cowboys’ loss against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3 is the ugly Christmas sweater that never seems to go back into the holiday closet until April. That loss may ultimately be the reason why the Cowboys play the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round in Santa Clara, Calif. in January.

The Cardinals were horrible then, and are worse now. That little detail doesn’t make them different than most of the Cowboys’ opponents, other than the Eagles.

The Cowboys’ win on Sunday night is their only win against a team that currently has a winning record.

To win 10 games against a slate of nothing but losers is hard work. Winning the game is the easy part; it’s the statistical chance that as of December 11 all but one of the Cowboys’ 10 wins are against opponents that are sub .500.


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