Paul Zeise: It would take a monumental collapse for the Steelers to not make the playoffs

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PITTSBURGH — The analytics I have seen give the Steelers anywhere between a 72 and 76% chance to make the playoffs. I have never understood those numbers as they just seem like guessing, but hey, the people who put together advanced numbers are much smarter than me.

That being said, here is my number breakdown based on my vast knowledge of statistics, numbers and most of all, football ...

If the Steelers' chances of making the playoffs aren’t one heckuva lot higher than 75%, then it is time to rethink the direction of the franchise. It is also time to rethink the roster as constituted.

I don’t believe it is time to rethink either of those things because I believe there is almost zero chance the Steelers miss the playoffs. And honestly, I don’t even think they have to play their best football to get to the playoffs; they just need to be competent.

It has been written before, but I will give the Cliff Notes version of what is ahead for the Steelers ...

This weekend they play the Cardinals, a team that made it clear they were tanking by all of their offseason moves and even some of them in season. Kyler Murray does make them somewhat potent on offense, but I expect the Steelers to roll.


The Patriots are a disaster, and I really believe their offense is so bad the Steelers could win this game even if they punted on first down the entire game.

The Bengals, who should come into Acrisure Stadium on a 6-game losing streak, are demoralized and ready to start their golf season and still quarterbacked by Jake Browning.

My math skills aren’t as strong as the analytics experts, but looking at those three games and adding them to the Steelers' current win total of seven means they should get to 10 wins without much heavy lifting.

Ten wins will likely be enough to get the Steelers into the playoffs, but 11 definitely will, and that means the Steelers need to win just one game over the Colts, Seahawks or Ravens.


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