Mac Engel: If you support HS coach who prayed after game, then then you must back Colin Kaepernick

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Given the nature of our third branch of government, the United States Supreme Court, the ruling is no surprise.

Before the court goes after the gay marriage, interracial marriage and a woman’s right to vote, on Monday morning it ruled in favor of the high school football coach who took a knee to pray.

As it should.

One of the details that makes America America is the right to take a knee, and peacefully express themselves for whatever the reason.

That includes taking a knee to protest the treatment of Black Americans by law enforcement or taking a knee to pray to God after a football game.

If you support Joseph Kennedy, the high school football coach in Washington state who took a knee to pray after the game, then you must support Colin Kaepernick.


Their intentions are different, but the act is the same, and it cost both of them their jobs.

In 2015, Kennedy was an assistant coach at Bremerton High near Seattle, where he routinely led a post-game prayer in which players and coaches from both teams would participate.

According to those who participated, the post-game routine was your conventional Christian prayer.

The school district said Kennedy had to stop, because it violated the separation of church and state.


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