Jim Souhan: Aaron Rodgers jeopardizing secret plan to ruin Packers and escape to Minnesota! (Maybe!)

Jim Souhan, Star Tribune on

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1. Keep making Packer Nation hate you. It's a slow process, but we have faith that you can finish the job.

2. Don't get blown out, and don't get benched. What if Jordan Love gets to play and is so lousy the Packers are forced to keep you? Wipe that smirk off your face.

3. Continue undermining everyone who has hurt your feelings — the president, the general manager, the coach, that one waiter who gave you side-eye at Green Bay's restaurant. Vengeance is a dish best served often.

4. Keep yourself healthy. No hero plays. If you weren't willing to work out with these guys in the offseason, why would you risk your neck for them now?

We believe that with our receivers and running back, and three or four new offensive linemen, you can take us to the promised land — which, for us, is the NFC championship game.


So do your part, and act your part. This week, try to put up at least six points.


The Wilfs

*—Disclaimer: Some of this is not true.

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