2021 NFL mock draft: Three rounds

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I never do trades in my mock drafts. Bless the analysts who do, but my spidey sense is tingling.

There could be a lot of wheeling and dealing come late April. Especially with so many teams in the market for a quarterback.

The hot spots I'll be watching the rest of the way:

The draft really begins with the Jets and the No. 2 overall pick. Sticking with Sam Darnold would allow them to auction it off to the most quarterback-needy team willing to meet their demands.The Dolphins will have to include the No. 3 and 18 picks in a package (amongst other assets) if they want Deshaun Watson.It would make sense to move down and stockpile some picks if the Falcons decide to pass on a quarterback at No. 4.The Bengals will likely have to move up if they hope to land offensive tackle Penei Sewell. Otherwise, it would make sense for them to trade down if he's off the board before they pick at No. 5.The Panthers (No. 8), Patriots (No. 15), Football Team (No. 19), Steelers (No. 24) and Saints (No. 28) could all make moves to secure a top tier quarterback. New England and Washington could also be in business for a receiver. Pittsburgh might be willing to move up if they target a specific offensive lineman.




The NFL draft has become a nice appetizer before our main course in September. A mock version of said draft is meant to educate, and even entertain. At very least, it helps you pass the time.

This is an attempt at identifying the best players available in this season's draft class, and which teams they match up well with considering the updated draft order (according to

The closer we get to draft day, the more I attempt to match what teams will actually do with their draft picks as opposed to what I believe they should do.

Last season, I was the fourth most accurate (out of 109) NFL draft prognosticator according to The Huddle Report (most accurate in print). I'm seventh over the past five years.


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