Cowboys' Dontari Poe calls out Jerry Jones' silence on racism, vows anthem protest

Clarence E. Hill Jr., Fort Worth Star-Telegram on

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Add nose tackle Dontari Poe to the list of free-agent defensive line additions to call out Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for his silence on racism in the six weeks since the death of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer.

Veteran defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who signed a three-year deal with the Cowboys March 17, wondered aloud on ESPN about Jones' silence last month.

And now Poe, who signed a two-year deal with the Cowboys on March 25, shared his thoughts on a muzzled Jones with Bleacher Report.

"His silence definitely means a lot because in any other situation (he) will have something to say about most things," Poe said. "I was once a proponent of doing stuff behind closed doors, and doing what I need to do not out in the forefront. ... So hopefully he is doing that, but who knows what he is doing. ... Personally, I would hope that he comes out and says, 'OK, I am willing to help, I am willing to fight, and I am willing to be with y'all.'"

Poe's sentiments echoed those of McCoy.

"At this point it's bigger than football," McCoy said in a discussion on police brutality and Floyd on ESPN's First Take on June 18. "We need him to speak up about life. This is about human beings and equal rights. And that's not what's happening. And it would be great to hear him say something. Anything."


"It don't look good," McCoy continued. "It doesn't look good. You can't be silent at a time like this. I'm new to the Cowboys organization. I'm blessed to be a part of this organization. When things are not going well for the team, you can hear him screaming.

"Well, this is life. This is bigger than just football, it's bigger than money, it's bigger than winning a Super Bowl. Something needs to be said. Because of his level of who he is and how many people listen to him, that's why I'm saying it. Everybody doesn't have to speak up. I'm not saying everybody has to say anything. If you want to be silent, that's fine. But the level of who he is? Yeah. I think something needs to be said."

Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, however, disagrees with Poe and McCoy on the need for Jones to speak out on racism and support the cause.

"This whole situation has nothing to do with Jerry or anybody in Jerry's position," Lawrence told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram last month. "This is about us coming together and focusing on how we can make a change and how we can come together and be united. I don't see how one man in Jerry's position or any of those types of positions can make a change.


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