Former Dolphins WR Kenny Stills responds to NFL's statement on George Floyd's death

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Players from around the NFL have reacted to the recent protesting and riots that stem from last week's death of George Floyd, a black male who was filmed in a now viral video face down with Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin's knee pressed against Floyd's neck for over eight minutes.

Chauvin has since been fired, along with three other officers on the scene, and was arrested and charged with murder, according to multiple reports.

Outrage and civil unrest took place in the days since Floyd's death across various cities, including Miami, in the United States.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement on Saturday regarding Floyd's death.

Former Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills, who currently plays for the Houston Texans and is a supporter of Colin Kaepernick's protest movement, reacted to Goodell's statement that appeared on social media channel, Twitter.

Stills tweeted, "save the bulls---," in a reply to Goodell's statement, where he said, "there remains an urgent need for action."

Stills wasn't alone with his reaction to Goodell's statement.

Eric Reid, who knelt alongside Kaepernick when they were teammates with the San Francisco 49ers during the national anthem protest, also replied.


"I'm looking forward to 'Songs of the Season 2.0,'" tweeted Reid, mocking the NFL's 'Songs of the Season' campaign.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores expressed his thoughts Friday, which ESPN first reported.

"I think many of them QUIETLY say that watching George Floyd plead for help is one of the more horrible things they have seen, but it's said amongst themselves where no one can hear," Flores said in Friday's statement, according to the Herald. "Broadcasting THAT opinion clearly is not important enough."

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