2020 NFL mock draft: First-round projections

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The Tank-for-Tagovailoa Dolphins are now a win away from knocking themselves out of the top five.

A match-up this weekend with the Chase-for ... Chase (Hey! This isn't as easy as it looks, okay?) Giants will go a long ways in settling the top of the order for next April's NFL draft.

However, it's really just a precursor to a Week 16 playoff, if you will, featuring three games that could really shake, rattle and roll this thing: Bengals at Dolphins, Giants at Redskins and Jaguars at Falcons. Six of the bottom eight teams flexing their pride or securing the highest possible draft pick for a hopefully brighter future.

A quick aside before we get to the meat and potatoes. If the Lions lose out (as I expect them to), the Giants win two of three, the Redskins win a game, and the Dolphins win a game, Detroit would secure the second overall pick. Just a thought.

The NFL draft has become a nice appetizer before our main course in September. A mock version of said draft is meant to educate, and even entertain. At very least, it helps you pass the time.

This is an early attempt at identifying the best players available in this season's draft class, and which teams they match up well with considering the updated draft order (according to


The closer we get to draft day, the more I attempt to match what teams will actually do with their draft picks as opposed to what I believe they should do.

Last season, I was the fifth most accurate (out of 101) -- most accurate in print -- NFL draft prognosticator according to The Huddle Report. I'm 18th over the past five years.

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Here's my updated 2020 NFL mock draft:


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