Greg Cote: After 20 years of not winning, the Miami Dolphins are suddenly failing at failing, too?

Greg Cote, Miami Herald on

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MIAMI -- Nineteen consecutive seasons without an NFL playoff victory establishes beyond reasonable debate that the Miami Dolphins have been averse to winning for, well, for pretty much the entire 21st Century.

Now here comes the scary part.

After two decades of not winning anything, the Fins are now even failing at failing.

Here is the franchise that boldly and strategically decimated its roster -- swapping talent for future draft picks -- to be bad enough to select high enough to get its magic quarterback.

To abide pain and embarrassment now in exchange for big winning down the road.

And what do they do at the midsection of the season? They suddenly forget to fail. They win their way out of the top of the draft.


And the Weirdest Season gets weirder as Dolphins fans who rationalized seeing the good in being 0-7 now wring hands nervously at 2-7 after Miami stacked Sunday's 16-12 victory at Indianapolis on top of the previous week's win over the rival Jets.

"We're going out to win every game. Period," said coach Brian Flores from Indy.

As fans wondered if that's a good thing or not.

I mean, one win, I get. Accidents happen. But a winning streak!?


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