Dieter Kurtenbach: Steve Kerr will be the highest-paid coach in NBA history, and you can't say he doesn't deserve it

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It’s hundreds of people I didn’t mention.

But that was the way Kerr designed it all to work.

And he’ll be the first to tell you to credit all of them first.

The process of building up the Warriors was anything but seamless, even though Kerr made it look that way.

The process of keeping the Warriors at the top was even more precarious.

(If I could only tell you just one of the never-to-be-corroborated but hard-to-not-believe stories I’ve heard over the years.)


Oh, and building this team back up again — they went from the worst record in the NBA to, two seasons later, winning another title — was incredible work, too. Kerr never gets enough credit for that.

And navigating the challenges of two timelines and the last two seasons was anything but straightforward.

Kerr has handled it all with smarts and humility. He understands people as well as he understands the game. That’s a hell of a 1-2 for a coach.

I won’t lie, there were parts of this season when my internal monologue echoed the idiots on Twitter. When the Dubs were sub-.500 and floundering, I wondered if Kerr was the right man for the Warriors’ job moving forward. It seemed as if the Dubs had reached a nadir, and it was hard to see things coming together to create a team that could contend for the playoffs, much less a title.


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