What batter ended Don Drysdale's 58 consecutive shutout-inning streak in 1968?

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Cookie Rojas
Julian Javier
Howie Bedell
Dick Allen

The Oakland Athletics play their home games here?

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Fenway Park
Network Associates Coliseum
Busch Stadium
Savvis Center

Who managed the 1986 World Series champs?

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Billy Martin
Mike Hargrove
Joe Torre
Davey Johnson

Which city has the Braves never called home?

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Who did the Cincinnati Reds trade Frank Robinson for?

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Eddie Watt
Milt Pappas
John Miller
Dick Hall

Whose music video did Kirby Puckett make an appearance in?

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MC Hammer
Will Smith

What team was Jackie Robinson traded to at the end of his career?

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Boston Red Socks
New York Mets
New York Yankees
New York Giants

Who was the last out in Sandy Koufax's perfect game?

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Harvey Kuenn
Billy Williams
Ron Santo
Lou Brock

Who batted .310 to lead the Diamondbacks in hitting in 2004?

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Shea Hillenbrand
Todd Helton
David Wright
Juan Rivera

What is Chase Utley's nickname?

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Chase The Face
Cold As Chase
Chase In Place
Champion Chase

What was the White Sox post season record in 2005?

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8 Wins 1 Loss
11 Wins 1 Loss
14 Wins 1 Loss
11 Wins 5 Loss

Who are the first 2 players with more than 200 career at bats in World Series competition?

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Mickey Mantle & Joe DiMaggio
Phil Rizzuto & Mickey Mantle
Yogi Berra & Joe DiMaggio
Yogi Berra & Mickey Mantle

What World Series champions did Cito Gaston manage?

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Toronto Blue Jays
Florida Marlins
Atlanta Braves
New York Mets

Who was known as the "Vacuum" at third base?

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Brooks Robinson
Clete Boyer
Jerry Kenney
Mike Schmidt

What 2nd baseman has a Major League brother named Sandy?

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Roberto Alomar
Joe Morgan
Ryne Sandberg
Horace Clark



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