The Phillies got rid of Dollar Dog Nights. Most fans were distraught -- but not everyone thinks it's a bad idea.

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PHILADELPHIA — Dollar Dog Nights are no more. Instead, the Phillies are hosting a buy one, get one promotion — effectively turning Dollar Dog Night into $2.50 Dog Night.

Fans will be able to purchase up to four full-price hot dogs, and receive four more for free for a total of eight hot dogs at a time, up from the previous limit of four at a time during Dollar Dog Nights. The new promo events will be held on April 2 against the Cincinnati Reds and April 16 against the Colorado Rockies.

Overall, Phillies fans were not pleased with the changes. Some pointed out how the new promotion is a clear step down from the obviously superior Dollar Dog Night.

But not everyone seemed upset.

In 2023, Dollar Dog Night was sent into chaos as fans threw hot dogs at one another in the stands from the upper deck. The mayhem led to multiple fans getting escorted out of the game, which played a major role in the end of Dollar Dog Night.

“Look, we’re very proud of this promotion,” said John Weber, the Phillies senior vice president of ticket operations and projects. “It’s been talked about. It’s been great for 27 years. But it was just time for a change. We’ve been discussing a change for the last couple years. The unfortunate incidents last year of the throwing of the hot dogs plus the feedback from our fans postgame survey, the fans told us that it was time for a change.”


Indeed, some fans welcomed the change after the chaos of last year, especially since Dollar Dog Night was known for long lines that could take up to an hour.

Many cursed the fans who ruined Dollar Dog Night for everyone else.

Other fans who aren’t sad to see it go pointed out that the Dollar Dog Night hot dogs were lower quality than the standard hot dogs, and wondered if the buy-one-get-one hot dogs would be the $5-quality dogs or the $1-quality dogs.

Then there’s Sen. Bob Casey, who’d previously posted on X that he would lobby to keep Dollar Dog Night alive. He instead expressed his support for the new BOGO night. Some others weren’t convinced by the turnaround.

But most people agreed — it’s the end of an era at Citizens Bank Park.

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