Rockies' Warming Bernabel, after surviving robbery and gun shot, trying to make his mark

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Considering what happened to Warming Bernabel, the question begged to be asked.

Do you feel lucky to be alive and playing baseball?

“Absolutely,” the Rockies’ soft-spoken, 21-year-old third base prospect said. “It was very scary.”

On Dec. 3, in his hometown of Bani in the Dominican Republic, Bernabel was shot through the back. The bullet entered one side of the small of his back and exited the other. Miraculously, the bullet missed his spine and didn’t damage any organs.

Bernabel remembers all of the details of that night.

“We were feeling hungry and my wife and I wanted to go out to dinner at a restaurant,” Bernabel recalled through interpreter Aaron Munoz, the Rockies’ bullpen catcher.


When Bernabel and his wife, Wilvely, got to the restaurant, Bernabel was assaulted by three men.

“They tried to steal the gold chain from around my neck,” Bernabel said. “They attempted to rob me.”

According to Bernabel, the owner of the restaurant noticed the scuffle, came outside, then shot his gun at the robbers.

“He started firing at them, he helped me out,” Bernabel said.


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