Rana Abbasova, NYC Mayor Adams aide whose home was raided, is cooperating with feds' campaign finance probe

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NEW YORK — An aide to Mayor Adams whose home was raided amid an FBI probe into his 2021 campaign is cooperating with federal authorities, a source with knowledge of the matter said Monday.

The aide, Rana Abbasova, is one of several people whose residence was raided as the feds probe allegations that the Turkish government funneled illegal cash into Adams’ campaign through straw donors.

The mayor has not been accused of any wrongdoing and strongly denies any suggestion of impropriety in connection with the investigation.

It’s unclear what Abbasova may have discussed with the feds, though her cooperation pertains to the general allegation of illegal Turkish government-financed contributions to the mayor’s campaign, according to The New York Times, which first reported her cooperation. Her lawyer Rachel Maimin declined to comment.

Brendan McGuire, the mayor’s former chief counsel at City Hall who now represents him and his 2021 campaign in the FBI investigation, confirmed Abbasova’s cooperation, but said it’s “not a new or meaningful development.”

Abbasova, the director of protocol in Adams’ International Affairs Office and the mayor’s unofficial liaison to the local Turkish community, was put on unpaid leave days after her home was raided in November, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter. She remains on unpaid leave, and her position at City Hall has not been filled, they added.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the Adams campaign probe, which burst into the headlines when the home of the mayor’s chief campaign fundraiser, Brianna Suggs, was raided in November. Days later, Adams had his own electronic devices seized by the feds.


Abbasova received three tickets in New Jersey in January for offenses linked to driving a for-hire vehicle, the New York Daily News previously reported.

While she’s been on unpaid leave, another Adams aide targeted by the feds in a separate matter went on paid sick leave after her Bronx homes were raided in February. That aide, Winnie Greco, has since returned to work at City Hall, receiving a raise earlier this month.

McGuire noted the mayor’s administration reported to investigators late last year that Abbasova had engaged in “improper conduct.” Sources confirmed at the time that the conduct in question was Abbasova instructing other Adams staffers to delete text messages they’d exchanged with her.

“It is our understanding that Ms. Abbasova has been talking to investigators since her improper conduct was reported by the administration in November,” McGuire said in a Monday night statement.


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