George Logan wins GOP nomination to face Democrat Jahana Hayes for Congress in 5th District

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WATERTOWN, Conn. – Gearing up for the year’s biggest rematch, former state Sen. George Logan won the Republican Party’s nomination unanimously Monday night to face his bitter rival, U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes.

After Logan lost to Hayes by less than 1 percentage point in 2022 in the state’s closest Congressional race, the rematch started shaping up in a highly anticipated battle with turnout expected to be high in a presidential year.

Since Logan came so close, national Republicans have rallied around him and have already traveled to Connecticut to raise all-important funds. U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson and Rep. James Comer, a leader in the Republican battles against President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, have raised money for Logan in high-profile appearances.

During an acceptance speech lasting about seven minutes Monday at Watertown High School, Logan told the delegates that he has already been taking the fight to Hayes, a three-term incumbent Democrat.

“All of you know that I love being on the campaign trail,” Logan told the crowd. “Tonight, you cast the first votes in 2024 to flip the 5th. We are just getting started. It is time to change the status quo.”

Logan then referred to a white T-shirt with blue lettering that Hayes wore last week when she accepted the Democratic nomination to run against Logan.


“The shirt said, ‘Protect y’all’s investment,’ ” Logan told delegates. “She’s asked Democrats to protect her, but I’m running for Congress to protect the American Dream.”

Switching to campaign themes, Logan talked about inflation that Republicans have dubbed Bidenflation.

“I wish I could say to all Americans that things are better than they were two years ago,” Logan said. “It’s getting harder and harder to stretch a dollar. Americans are maxing out their credit cards. … College tuition costs continue to rise, and President Joe Biden wants to pay off the debt for those chanting, ‘Death to America.’”

Logan added, “Our border has been in crisis for years, and the President, our commander in chief, refuses to take executive action. … Every state is a border state now. … The United States can and must do better. … This is America. The land of hope and opportunity.”


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