Donald Trump talks inflation, Iron Dome, Biden and bacon at Minnesota GOP dinner

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MINNEAPOLIS — Former President Donald Trump headlined the state Republican Party's annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner on Friday in St. Paul, repeatedly ripping President Joe Biden, promising to fight to turn Minnesota red and return to one-day voting and paper ballots.

"We want a landslide in your state and we want a landslide in our nation that is too big to rig," Trump said during his 80-minute speech in St. Paul. He ticked off a long list of things he would do in a second term, such as building an Iron Dome missile defense system over the country with "much of it being built in a place called Minnesota."

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee repeatedly mocked Biden not just for his policies but how he walks and talks. "I'm going to rescue Minnesota from all the ravages, and we're going to rescue the Iron Range again," Trump said, adding that he wants Biden drug-tested before their televised debates.

Trump lamented inflation, electric vehicles and anything made in China, and referred to Biden as the "worst president in the history of the country." He lamented "Bidenomics" and said he no longer eats bacon because it's too expensive.

Trump criticized Minnesota's absentee and early voting processes, saying it "gives them more time to cheat." There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Minnesota.

The crowd erupted into the loudest applause of the night and a standing ovation when Trump said he would cut off funding to any school teaching critical race theory as well as any school with a vaccine mandate.


"I will keep men out of women's sports," he said multiple times.

Trump mused about why Biden is competitive with him. "There's only one way it can happen: They cheat," he said, again without giving any evidence. Republicans have to "guard the vote. They'll do anything. They have no shame," he said.

The former president even complained that his teleprompter at RiverCentre fell before he started to speak, and then he shook the rostrum.

"Who put this stage up? The fricking place is falling down," Trump said. "I noticed it keeps tilting toward the left, like too many other things. What a crappy contractor this was."


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