Trump visits Harlem bodega after 2nd day of hush money trial

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Trump promised to “make a heavy play for New York” if elected — a long shot in the heavily blue state.

“We’re gonna work with the mayor, we’re gonna work with the governor, Democrats,” said Trump. “We have to straighten out New York. If it goes any further out, it’ll never come back.”

Simon was killed when he confronted Alba over a bag of chips that Simon’s girlfriend had tried to buy for her daughter.

In the 2022 incident, the girlfriend said Alba snatched the snack from her 10-year-old daughter’s hand, according to a criminal complaint.

The caught-on-camera clash showed the avenging Simon pushing Alba to a chair behind the counter and towering over him while screaming in his face before pushing him and grabbing his neck.


Alba grabbed a knife and plunged the blade into Simon’s neck at least five times.

The worker was charged with second-degree murder and spent time in Rikers Island before Bragg dropped the case.


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