National Democrats gather to mobilize on abortion, warn of threats to IVF and contraception

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Democrats highlighted searing personal stories and delivered impassioned political broadsides Tuesday as they sought to capitalize on a pair of abortion rulings delivered a day earlier by the Florida Supreme Court.

And, they warned of even more fallout from court rulings and legislative actions.

First, they said, is the ban on almost all abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy, a Florida law that goes into effect in four weeks, on May 1, as a result of one of the state Supreme Court rulings.

Next, they asserted, “right-wing MAGA extremist politicians” will stop families from using in vitro fertilization, or IVF. After that, they declared, Republicans would move on to restricting access to contraception.

“Florida’s six-week abortion ban is cruel, it’s dangerous and it’s extreme. Florida’s six-week abortion ban will cost lives and it will hurt the health, the safety and the well-being of the women of this great state. Florida’s six-week abortion ban is an assault on freedom. It’s an assault on liberty and it’s an assault on the dignity of the women of this state,” House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York said in Fort Lauderdale.

Jeffries, who would become House speaker if Democrats win control in the November elections, was in South Florida on the first day of a multi-pronged effort by Democrats to use the Florida Supreme Court abortion decisions to mobilize voter turnout this fall.


“Make no mistake about it: Freedom itself is on the ballot on November 5th in Florida,” Jeffries said, decrying what he said has been the impact of “extremists in Tallahassee, extremists on the Florida Supreme Court, extremists in Washington, and those who were put on the United States Supreme Court by MAGA extremists.”

Democrats on offense

The Democrats were on the offensive Tuesday in Florida on multiple fronts — something they’ve rarely managed to pull off in recent years as their political fortunes have gone into freefall.

Jeffries and seven other Democratic members of Congress, from Florida and elsewhere, held a field hearing to alert people to the coming six-week abortion ban and the referendum on the November election ballot that would reverse that ban — if voters approve enshrining abortion rights in the Florida Constitution.


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