Idaho Sen. Jim Risch spoofed on 'Saturday Night Live' over endorsing Trump for president

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Live from New York ... it’s U.S. Sen. Jim Risch.

Idaho’s three-term Republican senator was parodied in the opening skit of “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend for his endorsement of former President Donald Trump as the Republican nominee in the 2024 election. Risch was played by cast member Mikey Day, who is known for his recurring impression of President Joe Biden.

In the scene, Risch is seated alone with a martini at a table in a crowded Washington, D.C., restaurant after Trump’s 20-point victory over Republican challenger Nikki Haley in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., quickly pulls up a seat and the two discuss Trump’s control of the Republican Party on his potential path back into the White House.

“I’ve got to admit, though, sometimes I do not know what my party is doing,” Risch quips. “The man doesn’t care about this country one iota. Sometimes I think he’s downright dangerous.”

But Risch also endorsed Trump, Rubio inquires.

“Yeah, big time!” Risch replies. “He’s great. He is incredible.”


Risch, who will turn 81 in May, issued a statement last month in the days before the Iowa caucus endorsing Trump over his Republican rivals.

“I realize President Trump greatly aggravates the left and the national media,” Risch told Politico in the statement. “I believe that is a small price to pay for righting this ship. ... I hope Republicans will join me in nominating President Trump.”

Risch’s office did not respond Monday to a request for comment from The Idaho Statesman.

Risch, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, complains in the “SNL” sketch that he’s been pushing Congress to pass renewed aid for Ukraine’s fight against Russia’s invasion. Risch recently voted for a bill that would provide $60 billion to Ukraine, and billions more for Israel and humanitarian assistance for Palestinians. The bipartisan bill passed by a 70-29 vote, including support from Risch.


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