Editorial: Biden rants, while inflation rages

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While President Joe Biden is off doing Civil War reenactments, American families are left trying to balance household budgets that are being smashed by soaring prices. Inflation topped 7% in 2021, the largest surge in consumer costs since 1982.

Break out basic necessities, and the inflation impact is even more devastating:

— Meat, poultry, fish and eggs rose 12.5%

— Energy is up 30% overall, with gasoline prices climbing nearly 50%, fuel oil topping 40% and natural gas, 24%.

— New vehicles climbed nearly 12%, and used cars and trucks by more than 37%

Americans who live closer to reality than Biden does are far more concerned with those distressing price tags than they are his trumped-up claims of war on democracy.


The White House defends Biden's avoidance of inflation by saying there's little a president can do about rising prices. They blame the pandemic and breakdowns in the supply chain for driving up costs.

That's only partially true. Certainly, the disruptions of COVID-19 continue to strain the workforce and the ability of producers to meet demand.

But policies have consequences, as does a lack of policy.

Biden has not detailed an urgent response to inflation, and much of what he's done in other areas has helped fuel the price spikes.


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