All eyes turn to Pennsylvania after Arizona's 'audit' affirmed Biden's presidential victory

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Pennsylvania Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, a Centre Republican, says he’s not an expert on what constitutes a “forensic” review.

“That’s somehow become a political term ... ,” he said in September. “What we’re going to do is an investigation, right? Perception is reality. ... You know, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of Pennsylvanians that have had concerns about the way the last election went.”

—How will Pennsylvania’s review work?

A lot is still unknown about the review, including what, exactly, the review will entail or how it will work. That’s in part because of the messy way it started, its sudden speed, and the lack of general agreement about its goals and processes.

Details so far have largely become known as they’re decided in real time. We know there will be hearings, and Republicans issued a subpoena for voter information from the state.

Republicans say they’ll follow best practices in areas such as preserving the security of sensitive materials, but it’s not clear whether they ultimately will and how they would do so.


Best practices for post-election audits include that they are routine and happen shortly after elections, using specified procedures, said Mark Lindeman, a director at Verified Voting, a nonprofit that focuses on the role of technology in election administration.

“What’s extraordinary about what’s increasingly happening around the country — and the sort of bandwagon that Pennsylvania seems to be climbing on — is it’s not routine, there are no defined procedures, and even the objectives, beyond airing grievances and paranoid fantasies about the 2020 election, are radically unclear,” he said.

—Is Pennsylvania’s review similar to the Arizona one?

Dush traveled to Arizona in June with state Sen. Doug Mastriano, a Franklin Republican, to get a firsthand look at the partisan “audit” there — a trip Trump praised. Corman has said he has spoken with the leaders of the Arizona Senate.


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