Pa. Republicans vote to subpoena voter records and personal information in 2020 election probe

Andrew Seidman, The Philadelphia Inquirer on

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The continued Republican questioning of the 2020 election has also escalated ongoing conflict with Wolf, a Democrat. On Monday, Wolf withdrew his nomination of Veronica Degraffenreid as secretary of state after Republicans sought “a record number of hearings” as part of her confirmation process. Degraffenreid will remain acting secretary, the state’s top elections official.

“It is clear that instead of providing advice and consent on my nominee for Secretary of the Commonwealth, they instead plan on using her confirmation as an opportunity to descend further into conspiracy theories and work to please the former President by spreading lies about last year’s election,” Wolf said in a statement.

In response, Corman said in a statement Monday that the Department of State had “administered recent elections in a way that is deeply partisan.”


(Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer Jonathan Lai contributed to this report.)




The Inquirer is not currently referring to attempts by Pennsylvania Republicans to investigate the 2020 presidential election as an audit because there's no indication it would follow the best practices or the common understanding of an audit among nonpartisan experts. When asked by The Inquirer, lawmakers leading the effort have not explained how it would actually be run, including whether best practices would be followed; who would be involved, including what role partisan politicians would play; how the review would be documented; how election equipment and ballots would be secured; and what the scope of any review would be. Joe Biden won Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes. State and county audits affirmed the outcome, and there is no evidence of any significant fraud.

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