Mary Trump book paints a harsh portrait of her uncle, the president

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is the product of a deeply dysfunctional family that makes him a uniquely destructive and unstable leader for the country, his niece writes in a new book obtained by The Times.

"Honest work was never demanded of him, and no matter how badly he failed, he was rewarded in ways that are almost unfathomable. He continues to be protected from his own disasters in the White House," writes Mary Trump, the daughter of the president's eldest brother, Fred.

"But now the stakes are far higher than they've ever been before; they are literally life and death. Unlike any previous time in his life, Donald's failings cannot be hidden or ignored because they threaten us all."

The book, titled "Too Much and Never Enough," is scheduled to be published on July 14, two weeks earlier than originally planned because of what the publisher describes as intense demand. The Times obtained a copy Tuesday.

Although a New York appeals court is allowing Simon & Schuster to distribute the book, it remains the subject of a legal battle because the president has argued that it violates a nondisclosure agreement signed by Mary and other family members.

In addition to firsthand experience with Trump, Mary relies on her training as a clinical psychologist to analyze the president. And she still blames him for the unraveling of her father, who died in 1981 at age 42 after struggling with alcoholism.


Fred had been expected to take over the family business, but he was uninterested and Fred Sr. ended up favoring Donald instead.

"Donald, following the lead of my grandfather and with the complicity, silence, and inaction of his siblings, destroyed my father," Mary writes. "I can't let him destroy my country."

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