Trump touts tax cuts and the US economy at business roundtable in Minnesota

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MINNEAPOLIS -- President Donald Trump gave a rousing defense of his 2017 tax cuts Monday surrounded by political backers at a truck company chosen by the White House as the site of a special Tax Day roundtable.

"Today is Tax Day," Trump said to boos from a supportive crowd at Nuss Truck & Equipment in Burnsville, a Minneapolis suburb.

He then touted the GOP tax cuts, which he called the "largest in history" -- a claim some economists dispute.

"Over 80 percent of American families are now receiving benefits from the tax cut," Trump added.

Outside the company gates, opposing groups of supporters and protesters confronted each other, shouting insults and pushing their signs in front of each other. Police officers, including from local departments and the sheriff's office, surrounded the groups, which numbered several hundred people.

At the roundtable, Trump recited a number of GOP selling points for the tax cuts, which Democrats opposed for conferring most of the benefits on the wealthy and large corporations. Trump said a "typical family" earning $75,000 a year is saving more than $2,000 a year in federal taxes. He also touted the doubled child credit and said he eliminated the "unfair death tax."


He also mocked The New York Times. Referring to an article in what he called the "fake New York Times," Trump appeared to read from the newspaper. "Face it, you probably got a tax cut," he said, saying that it showed where the writer was "coming from."

"Nothing good comes from The New York Times," Trump added a few moments later to applause from the audience seated on folding chairs on the industrial shop floor.

Trump also talked up the U.S. economy, saying "blue-collar jobs" have grown at the fastest rate in 31 years.

He spoke about increasing steel production in Minnesota and replacing Obamacare if he is reelected. "We're not only going to save your private plans," he said "but we're going to give you something much better as an alternative," he said.


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