Trump again denounces 'slimeball' Comey

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump launched a new Twitter fusillade at former FBI Director James Comey Sunday morning, again calling the former top federal law enforcement official a "slimeball" and ridiculing his actions surrounding the federal investigation of Trump's defeated presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Comey's new book, replete with highly unflattering characterizations of Trump, is attracting wide attention in advance of its release. The president's Twitter posts also targeted Loretta Lynch, the attorney general under Trump's predecessor Barack Obama.

In his book, Comey acknowledged that he might have been influenced by the assumption that Clinton would win the 2016 election when he spoke publicly about the investigation shortly before the vote, writing that he feared her presidency would be tainted if he did not fully air allegations against her.

Comey, in his book, likened Trump to a Mafia chieftain and asserted that the president is "untethered" to truthfulness. In a later Twitter post Sunday morning, Trump called Comey a liar for asserting that Trump, in an uncomfortable private dinner, had demanded personal loyalty from him.

Trump also took to Twitter Sunday to complain about media coverage of his use of the term "Mission Accomplished" to describe U.S.-led missile strikes on Syrian military targets in retaliation for an alleged chemical strike on Syrian civilians by forces loyal to President Bashar Assad. The phrase is widely associated with former President George W. Bush's premature 2003 claim of victory in the Iraq war.

In praising the raid carried out with the United Kingdom and France, Trump wrote "Mission Accomplished" is "such a great Military term, it should be brought back."

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