House GOP plan likely to set up funding bill volley with Senate

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Many House Republicans expressed similar hope that the Senate would pass the bill but acknowledged the likelihood it would be rejected and amended with an alternative the House will have to later consider.

"I think everybody's realistic enough to understand that -- but remember we'll have every Democrat in the Senate on record," Alabama Rep. Bradley Byrne, a defense hawk, said. "And we'll have them on record shutting down the government, again."

House Democrats will also be on record, likely with most in opposition.

"We'll urge our people to vote no on that," House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer told Roll Call when asked about the GOP plan.

"The premise that it hurts defense is correct," the Maryland Democrat said of a CR. "The premise that it doesn't hurt others -- every agency of government is devastated by the failure to have the opportunity to plan, to apply money to enter into contracts, to hire people. It is incredible that we're now four-plus months into the fiscal year and they still don't have an agreement on how were going to fund the government."

Hoyer said he would hope the Senate would reject such an imbalanced funding plan and send something better back to the House, even though that may interfere with House Democrats' plans to be in Cambridge, Md., for their annual retreat Wednesday through Friday.

"We'll be here," he said of such a scenario. "If we need to be here, we'll be here."


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is likely to take up the House funding bill, even if it fails to meet a procedural hurdle needed to move forward.

"Last week a bipartisan majority in the House passed a bill that would fund our national defense through fiscal year 2018," he said in floor remarks Monday afternoon. "The Senate will soon take up this House-passed bill."

(Morgan Cahn contributed to this report.)

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