Concerns and optimism of Western governors a year into the Trump administration

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Concern: Not knowing what kind of access we will have to his administration. That was a big question.

Optimism: I've been pleased with access we've had so far to the Cabinet. They've reached out to us and we've been very pleased with that.

Gov. Butch Otter, Republican, Idaho

Concern: I would say the sustainability of momentum -- we get little spurts of momentum. We got taxes done. There's these fits and starts and stops with things. The administration needs to keep getting momentum.

Optimism: We at the state-level depend a lot on the stability of the stock market, the growth in the stock market ... we've seen that. I'm optimistic and pleased about that. I think there's also been a renewed Federalism. We're getting answers back out of Washington, D.C. ... we're not in suspense. We're hearing from them.

Gov. David Ige, Democrat, Hawaii


Concern: We continue to look at the partnership between federal government and states and you know there are a lot of co-dependences for very important programs. ... So we look forward to working with the administration so we can serve the public.

Optimism: I think that we see movement in working together. For us, in Hawaii, the biggest public works project in the state is our public transit system and so certainly we look forward to working with the administration to complete that project.

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