Senate Democrats plan to put the brakes on Trump's Cabinet process

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WASHINGTON -- On his first day in office, Donald Trump will get a taste of what it's like to work with Congress.

He probably won't like it.

Senate Democrats plan to slow the confirmation of all but a handful of Trump's Cabinet nominees, their leader told reporters on the eve of the presidential inauguration -- a move that shows that even with ...Read more

Should black leaders meet with Trump?

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ATLANTA -- As the clock ticks down on the final hours of the historic Obama presidency, civil rights advocates are facing the prospect of a new leader they worry is deeply out of touch with their community and openly hostile to their agenda.

Trump's Twitter assault last weekend on U.S. Rep. John Lewis is just the latest salvo in a string of ...Read more

Trump tweets his way to Inauguration Day

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Donald Trump will hold the fate of the nation's economy, health care system and millions of immigrants in his hands when he's sworn in as president on Friday.

But it's the future of his tweeting that still captivates many Americans.

Trump shows no signs of easing up on his no-holds-barred, middle-of-the-night tweets to counterpunch his critics...Read more

Will Trump era deliver change or revolution?

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WASHINGTON -- Those who love and fear President-elect Donald Trump agree on one thing: He is bent on upending nearly every aspect of the presidency.

But as he takes the oath of office and enters the White House on Friday, Trump's mythology will begin to meet reality. And the debate has already begun over which elements of Trumpism will be truly...Read more

International observers recommend US change its 'unique' Electoral College system

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WASHINGTON -- On the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration, a group of international election experts who observed the Nov. 8 election have suggested overhauling the United States' "particularly unique" Electoral College system, which gave Trump the presidency.

The changes, the group from the Organization of American States said, should be made to...Read more

Trump will visit headquarters of CIA he criticized over leaks

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WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald Trump will visit CIA headquarters in Virginia on Saturday on his first full day in office, traveling to the nerve center of a U.S. spy apparatus he criticized over intelligence reports Russia worked to assist his election, said a person familiar with the plans.

Trump's visit is timed for the expected ...Read more

Senate to vote on at least 2 Cabinet nominees Friday

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WASHINGTON -- The Senate is expected to vote on at least two of President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees after he is sworn in on Friday.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer said Thursday that he expected votes on Gen. John Kelly to be the next homeland security secretary and Gen. James Mattis to lead the Defense Department. Schumer...Read more

Trump's feud with the CIA could have worse fallout than just hurt feelings

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WASHINGTON -- The rift between President-elect Donald Trump and the Central Intelligence Agency threatens to have concrete fallout beyond Washington, putting global information-sharing arrangements on tenuous footing and leaving the White House vulnerable to ill-informed decisions, retired CIA employees said.

Trump's vilification of the CIA ...Read more

Haughty Palm Beach learns to love Trump, once a scorned outsider

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PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The genteel people of Palm Beach, home to the old-money fortunes of captains-of-industry scions, once ridiculed even their wealthy Kennedy neighbors -- with their Irish Catholicism, Hollywood paparazzi and family scandals -- as contemptible nouveau riche.

Then came Donald Trump.

Immediately branded by the notoriously ...Read more

Immediate action likely from Trump on immigration

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WASHINGTON -- Aides are clearing the way for President-elect Donald Trump to take the first steps toward transforming the immigration system as soon as he takes office Friday, fulfilling a major campaign pledge while deepening the fears of immigration advocates about what's to come.

Gone will be the temporary protections of the final Obama ...Read more

House freshmen to watch

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WASHINGTON -- Not all freshmen are created equal.

While there is always a learning curve for new members of the House, some of the newly elected come to the institution with an enhanced profile. This could be because they are former statewide officeholders, or perhaps scored a big one for the team by knocking off a longtime incumbent. Maybe ...Read more

House Republican women see a boost in authority

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WASHINGTON -- For the past four years, Republicans endured pointed barbs about how the only woman with a House committee gavel was presiding over the fittingly sexist-sounding "housekeeping committee," the Hill's nickname for the panel overseeing the Capitol's internal operations.

That's not a fair jape anymore. Exactly a century after the ...Read more

Senators to watch as Trump era begins

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans may have full control in Washington, but the Senate remains the Senate, which means it's the place where rank-and-file Democrats and Republicans retain the most clout and potential for influence. Here are the key senators from outside of the top echelons of the leadership structures to watch as the 115th Congress gets ...Read more

Supreme Court appears torn over whether trademark rejection limits free speech

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WASHINGTON -- An Asian-American band from the West Coast that wants to trademark its provocative name, The Slants, sparked some dissonance Wednesday at a Supreme Court that's about to be recast by President-elect Donald Trump.

Justices across the spectrum sounded sympathetic to the band members' claim that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ...Read more

China and Mexico were sending back the U.S. jobs Trump promised before he started making deals

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WASHINGTON -- In some of the states where economic frustration propelled Donald Trump to the White House, the jobs he promised were already coming back before he started making deals.

For the first time in decades, areas of the Carolinas that had been crippled by the loss of the textile industry are getting some of those jobs back from China. ...Read more

President-elect pays out $25 million Trump University settlement

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SAN DIEGO -- Three days before his presidential inauguration, Donald Trump paid out $25 million in compliance with the settlement reached in three Trump University lawsuits.

The funds, paid by the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, were deposited Tuesday night in an escrow account, where they will remain until the settlement is finalized, according...Read more

This is what Donald Trump will do starting on Day One

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump will begin his presidency with a flurry of executive orders on illegal immigration, the environment and ethics as he works quickly to try to make good on campaign promises and dismantle his predecessor's legacy.

But he will leave the bulk of his significant actions until Monday -- the first full business day following...Read more

Confirmation speculation swirls in the Senate

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WASHINGTON -- Senators' focus on President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees continued Wednesday afternoon, with some attention turning toward which nominees might be confirmed Friday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-NY., are currently in negotiations over which nominees could ...Read more

Asian-American band the Slants takes its trademark battle to the Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON -- A trademark dispute involving an Asian-American band that calls itself the Slants provoked a lively Supreme Court argument Wednesday over freedom of speech, political correctness and the government's refusal to sanction what it sees as a racial slur.

The justices struggled over whether Congress' and the Patent and Trademark Office...Read more

44 sitting members of Congress have accepted donations from Trump

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WASHINGTON -- Much has been said about how Vice President-elect Mike Pence, with his 12 years as a congressman, could be incoming President Donald Trump's bridge to Congress. But Trump has his own ties to the Hill, in the form of nearly two decades worth of political contributions to sitting members of the House and Senate on both sides of the ...Read more