Jay Ambrose: Biden's unjustified betrayal of Israel

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Former President Donald Trump is a mix of confused, more or less populist ideas and you can never know what he might do in a second presidential term. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a left-wing, wannabe autocrat getting unbelievably old as he pulverizes policy through trickery, constitutional abridgment and a betrayal of Israel.

This threat to Israel is right now pretty much one of the most important things for America to worry about. Israel is an exceptional, democratic, culturally cultivated, freedom-loving, scientifically advanced U.S. friend. This economically alert, steadfastly helpful ally has been central to preserving the Middle East from a tyrannical takeover, with Iran leading the way as China and Russia cheer. Israel is now at war with Iran with most of Iran’s actual fighting done by an evil Hamas terrorist group that Iran directs and finances.

Biden, who quickly took sides with Israel, didn’t quite approve of crucial attacks on Gazan cities in which Hamas soldiers surrounded themselves with unarmed citizens. Even when a hospital was filled with patients, scores of Hamas soldiers entered it with weapons blasting at Israeli troops then forced to fight back as one vital step in preventing ultimate Israeli extinction.

To be sure, it’s a deeply disturbing report that 30,000 Gazan civilians have lost their lives in the war, but it is Hamas that is actually responsible, not just by rearranging everyday folks into human shields, but by starting the confrontation in the first place. It did so by massive groups of laughing, shouting, cheering brutes using a religious holiday to publicly strip and rape Israeli women and shoot and kill children and their parents with the score at the end of its game being 1,200 dead Israelis plus large groups of hostages.

More of the same and eventually a takeover would be virtually guaranteed if Israel gave up. But look, say the critics, Israel has been oh, so mean, as in what? In its past practice of giving jobs in Israel to large numbers of Palestinian Gazans, half of whom were unemployed in the barely functioning Gaza market in which they made just a fraction of Israeli pay? Israel was acting out of humane concerns even as Hamas and others forced Israel into obviously self-interested Iron Dome construction to deflect their missile onslaughts.

Biden had been slipping and sliding in his once bold Israeli support for some time when Israel killed seven foreign aides trying to deliver food to starving Gazans. Israel said it was an unfortunate accident and in fact the nation itself has robustly served Gazan war victims at some risk. But disgusting antisemitic bigotry caught on with some in America even before the war started, and a beleaguered Biden threatened Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu with dying support if he did not cease-fire for release of hostages and adopt a two-state solution for Gaza and Israel.


Did Biden think back on his equivalence to a surrender in Afghanistan and an initially approved U.S. drone attack that killed 10 innocents, seven of them children? Some 13 U.S. service members were taken out by suicide bombers. Women were denied all their rights for life as the Taliban took control, and millions of children have been facing starvation because of Taliban ineptness on top of Biden ineptness.

If Israel doesn’t wipe out Hamas, it has been defeated. The hidden ruler of a second state would likely be Iran dictating to another proxie. At the very best there should be a one-state solution with Egypt absorbing much of the current distraught Gazan population. Iran, devoted to conquering the United States someday, would likely complete its nuclear weapon quest and grow super rich off its oil deals.

Here is just one reason among many of why Biden should be denied reelection as the nation searches for an unannounced, capable candidate.


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