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Editorial: A necessary plan for Middle America

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Every election season, pundits and politicians watch with keen focus the people of Middle America to gauge the heart's desire of the Heartland. The influence of flyover America matters for those moments in time.

Then, when the votes are counted and the newly elected leaders are installed, the region seems to be all but forgotten and virtually ...Read more

Commentary: Who's afraid of the slippery slope?

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It started slowly enough — new prohibitions trickling in. First, it was no red meat or your heart would explode. Then no chicken because, they warned, salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter on carcasses can give you the stomach flu. After that, it was no fish — definitely not if you are pregnant — because the iodine, mercury and other heavy...Read more

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Commentary: Fake jobs, fake news: Fake Foxconn comes further into focus

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It's long past time that Wisconsinites demand a recount ... of the money their leaders wasted on the world's most famous economic development boondoggle. Three years ago this month, with presidential politics at the forefront, the state entered into a contract with Hon Hai Precision Industry — better known as Foxconn. For up to $3.6 billion in...Read more

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Editorial: Pooled COVID-19 testing could help reopen schools safely

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Vaccine or no, testing and tracing COVID-19 infections will be crucial to returning America fully to work and school. It's a key area where the Trump administration has let the country down, and something that President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to fix with a major surge of new testing capacity.

But even many countries that have committed to an...Read more

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Editorial: Georgia voters can give Joe Biden a chance to lead — again

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On Jan. 5 voters in Georgia will vote in two runoff elections for the U.S. Senate. Uppermost in the voters' minds will be how well the two sets of candidates will represent their state's interests in Washington, D.C. But Georgians will also determine whether President-elect Joe Biden, whose victory in the state was certified on Nov. 20, will be ...Read more

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Commentary: 'Latinos' and the election

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Mainstream media outlets are struggling to explain "Latino" political behaviors and voting patterns in the wake of the 2020 election. They are just as shocked today by the results as they were in 2016, and as they have been every four years since at least 1980.

Back then it was the "Hispanic" vote. Now it's the "Latino" vote. Who knows? Maybe ...Read more

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Editorial: Sacrificing the great for the diverse

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Many of America's art institutions are working toward diversity, but how far is too far in pursuit of that ideal?

With mere hours to spare, the Baltimore Museum of Art canceled plans to auction three pieces constituting the core of its contemporary collection, including a silk screen by Andy Warhol, "The Last Supper."

Proceeds from the sale ...Read more

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Danny Westneat: 'You don't expect to be so vilified': The strange turn the pandemic took for public health workers

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Remember in the spring, the pot-banging? People would come out on their porches in the evening to rally for the health workers — to say, collectively for just a minute or two, that we were thankful for the effort.

That spirit seems years away to Anna Halloran.

"There's a large segment of the population that hates the health department right ...Read more

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Dahleen Glanton: Pandemic hoarding isn't the same as regular hoarding, is it?

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I have learned a lot about myself during the coronavirus pandemic, as many of you probably have as well.

While stuck at home for weeks, I played around in the kitchen and found that I could make a pretty decent chicken noodle soup using all fresh ingredients. It will be a staple in my home during this next phase of the pandemic.

I also ...Read more

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Will Bunch: Biden's Cabinet is 'delightfully boring.' Can reality-TV-addled America deal with it?

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It's probably not surprising for a nation addicted to reality shows like "The Bachelorette" or "The Voice" (or season four of "House of Trump"), but a popular online sport — while Joe Biden built a lead in the 2020 White House polls — was speculating on which big-time Democratic political celebrities would take jobs in his Cabinet.

Sen. ...Read more

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Commentary: Sen. Cardin: Congress must pass comprehensive COVID-19 relief bill

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The rate of daily new COVID-19 cases is now more than 150,000 new cases per day — five times the 30,000 new cases per day reported in the spring and more than twice the 60,000 per day reported in the summer. Unlike those times, when outbreaks were largely regional, we are now experiencing nationwide outbreaks at a record pace. Due to this ...Read more

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Commentary: Nurses are crucial to the pandemic response. Why aren't they on Biden's COVID-19 board?

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Despite widespread distrust in American institutions, trust in nurses remains high — and could serve as a powerful tool in the fight against COVID-19, which poses the greatest health threat in a century.

For 18 years in a row, Americans have rated the honesty and ethics of nurses highest among a list of professions in an annual Gallup Poll. ...Read more

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Commentary: Trump administration finally gets one right, rejects Alaska Pebble Mine permit

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As the Trump administration rushes to finalize all sorts of policies and regulations that are bad for the environment, it got this one right. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rejected a permit for the massive Pebble Mine proposal near Alaska's Bristol Bay that would have threatened a key salmon fishery and other natural resources.

In rejecting ...Read more

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Martin Schram: Talking tough about truth

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Those of us who are used to covering the high-flying first days of America's most-promising presidents-elect reflexively shift into wait-and-see skeptic mode when they effusively introduce their new Cabinet advisers to the world.

Every new team sounds super special, to hear their new boss tell it. Richard Nixon regaled us at length about his ...Read more

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Editorial: GM cozies up to Biden with opportunistic fuel-standard reversal

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Some corporations demonstrate strong concerns for the environment. And some swing with the political winds. Put General Motors in the latter category.

General Motors announced this week that it was dropping support of the Trump administration's effort to strip California of its right to set vehicle fuel standards. And it said it would join ...Read more

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Editorial: Flynn's free pass: Trump's pardon of his formal national security adviser is dastardly

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Of course Donald Trump, who has repeatedly abused his boundless clemency power to reward friends and political allies and protect himself, pardoned Michael Flynn, his national security adviser who pleaded guilty in two separate court admissions to making false statements to the FBI. Expect enough dirty dealings on Trump's way out to make the ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Brace yourself for Trump's scorched-earth attacks on health and safety

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Coast to coast and around the world, sighs of relief could be heard after the Trump administration threw in the towel, more or less, on its refusal to allow President-elect Joe Biden to begin the presidential transition.

But with nearly two months until Biden can formally take over on Jan. 20, it's too soon to breathe easy. Trump still has all ...Read more

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Ann McFeatters: Yes, there's hope in the air

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Finally, there are glimmers of ... hope.

Yes, it has been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad year. Many of us lost loved ones. Some of us lost good health. Some said goodbye to jobs and savings. Many lost their faith in democracy.

But still so many of us think there is so much good in so many fellow Earth dwellers that we can still smile ...Read more

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Fabiola Santiago: There's poetic justice in Biden appointing a Cuban American to lead Homeland Security

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The rise of Alejandro Mayorkas may be just the feel-good story Miami needs post-election.

After his Jewish parents fled Fidel Castro's Communist takeover of Cuba in 1960, Mayorkas lived in Miami as a child. They eventually left the capital of Cuban exiles for a life in Los Angeles, but the 61-year-old hasn't forgotten his immigrant beginnings. ...Read more



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