Two years after Irma, reasons to give thanks: A roof over her head, no buckets at her feet

Mark Woods, The Florida Times-Union on

Published in Weather News

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was early November, more than two years after Hurricane Irma.

Georgiann Quarles walked into her home on West 3rd Street, passing under a towel wedged above the doorway.

"I did that so when people came in, they wouldn't have to duck the water," she said.

She led the way through her kitchen into a bedroom.

The wall above a twin bed was bare except for two framed pictures, one of a young boy kneeling and saying a prayer, the other of a prayer, "My Lord is My Shepherd."

Above the bed, the ceiling had a crack and large water stain.


Five of her great grandchildren had been living in the house before the mold led to respiratory issues and trips to the emergency room.

She continued walking through the house, to the living room at the back, taking a seat in a chair.

Behind the chair, there was a bucket.

"Every time it rains, it rains in here," she said.


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