Today's Word "Troglodyte"


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troglodyte \TRAHG-leh-dIt\ (noun) - A prehistoric or ancient cave dweller, hence a reclusive, anachronistic person who resists change; a pongid (gorilla, orangutan, or chimpanzee).

"Jane is a troglodyte who brushes her hair, wears sensible shoes, and leaves home only at night in her 1978 station wagon."


Greek troglodytes "caveman" from trogle "hole made by gnawing, (later) cave" (from trogein "to gnaw") + dytes "one who enters." The adjective is "troglodytic" [trahg-le-'di-tik]. The first constituent, "troglo-" may be combined with other Greek constituents to create new words like troglophile "cave-lover" or troglophobe "someone who fears spelunking."



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