This Quiz Might Make You 'Grimm'

Rob Kyff on

Once upon a time, a sadistic language columnist challenged his readers to find one grammar or usage error in each of these sentences from scrambled fairy tales:

No. 1: Sleeping Beauty, as well as Sneezy and Dopey, were invited to Cinderella's wedding.

No. 2: Neither the Seven Dwarfs nor Goldilocks were invited to the prince's ball.

No. 3: Thumbelina flaunted the rules of propriety and danced with the pariah Rumpelstiltskin.

No. 4: "Whose afraid of the big, bad wolf?" Snow White asked.

No. 5: After losing his beans to Little Red Riding Hood, Jack cried for awhile.


No. 6: Hansel, Gretel and Rapunzel didn't get along with each other.

No. 7: The reason the Billy Goats Gruff were angry is because Puss in Boots had set up a "troll" booth at the bridge.

No. 8: "I wouldn't climb that beanstalk if I was you," the giant told the Three Little Pigs.

No. 9: "That's alot of rats!" Snow White told the Pied Piper of Hamelin.


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