History Is a Foible Agreed Upon

Rob Kyff on

When, in the course of human events, high school students write American history papers, watch out! Teachers have sent me these delightful bloopers and typos:

"It started a quasi-navel war with France." We were belly to belly, and France blinked.

"Puritans believed that itch craft was the most conspicuous manifestation of Satan's presence." They saw it as the work of Old Scratch himself.

"All the gold in the U.S. was in Fort Knocks." Now THAT's hard money!

"The search warrants were often based on heresy." Wouldn't that violate both freedom of privacy AND freedom of religion?

"Hoover's attempts to stabilize the economy were feudal." In a manor of speaking.


"Under the Constitution, the U.S. was aloud to add lands." Especially Illinoise.

"Women's rights advocates made their voices herd." By stampeding to the polls?

"Franklin D. Roosevelt began giving fireside chants." NRA, TVA! Our New Deal is here to stay!

"Ben Franklin's message is that it's a doggy-dog world out there." Ben was such a wag!


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