"Water for Elephants" tells the story of a former circus worker who ends up where?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

In A Nursing Home. Jacob befriends a nurse named Rosemary in the novel "Water for Elephants".

In "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad", what is the name of Mr. Toad's horse?

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Cyril Proudbottom. In the 1949 film "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad", Mr. Toad's horse, Cyril Proudbottom, is voiced by J. Pat O'Malley.

What is the mother's nickname in "Little Women"?

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Marmee. In "Little Women", Marmee encourages her daughters to give their breakfasts to a poor family on Christmas morning.

From which country does Nobel prize winning author Knut Hamsun come?

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Norway. Knut Hamsun was born Knud Pedersen in Lom, Norway on August 4, 1859.

Which author's books have been outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare?

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Agatha Christie's. Agatha Christie wrote romance novels under the name Mary Westmacott.

Which best seller is about the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

Wicked. The book "Wicked" was adapted into a Broadway play and spawned a sequel.

Which story is about Alex Hawke, who tries to foil a Franco-Chinese plot to rule the world?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

Pirate. Ted Bell is the author of the Alex Hawke series.

In Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", what is Juliet's surname?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

Capulet. Juliet is from the Capulet family and Romeo is from the Montague family.

Which famous writer wrote the opera "Libretto"?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

Jules Verne. Jules Verne was shot by his nephew in his left leg which gave him a limp that was never cured.

"Watchmen" character Jon Osterman is better known by what alias?

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Dr. Manhattan. Jon Osterman is a scientist.

What is Louis L'Amour famous for?

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Writing Westerns. In 1984 Louis L'Amour was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Ronald Reagan.

In "Pet Sematary" by Stephen King, what was the son's name?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

Gage. Gage in Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" was killed by a truck.

Who is the author of "Trout Fishing in America"?

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Richard Brautigan. In 1994, a teenager legally changed his name from Peter Eastman Jr. to "Trout Fishing in America".

Which 1948 Cole Porter musical is based on Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew"?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

Kiss Me, Kate. "Kiss Me, Kate" is made to be a play within a play.

Who is the heroine of Janet Evanovich's book "Twelve Sharp"?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

Stephanie Plum. "Twelve Sharp" was the 12th novel featuring Stephanie Plum.

Which of these Vonnegut works is about an abstract painter?

Knowledge / Literature Trivia /

Bluebeard. "Bluebeard" is about an out-of-work modern artist.

In the book "Charlotte's Web" which of these phrases was written on Charlotte's web?

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Some Pig. The little girl in "Charlotte's Web" is named Fern.


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