Notable Birthdays for August 7


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Those born on this date include:

- Carl Ritter, the German co-founder of modern geographical science, in 1779
- The World War I Dutch spy and courtesan known as Mata Hari (Margaret Gertrude Zelle) in 1876
- Actor Billie Burke in 1884
- British archaeologist and anthropologist Louis Leakey in 1903
- American statesman and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ralph J. Bunche in 1904
- Film director Nicholas Ray in 1911
- Comedian/producer Stan Freberg in 1926 (age 86)
- Actor Carl Switzer (Alfalfa in the Our Gang and Little Rascals movie comedies) in 1927
- Basepall pitcher Don Larsen, who pitched a perfect game in the World Series, in 1929 (age 83)
- Singer B.J. Thomas and humorist Garrison Keillor, both in 1942 (age 70)
- FBI Director Robert Mueller in 1944 (age 68)
- Football Hall of Fame member and Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page in 1945 (age 67)
- And actors John Glover in 1944 (age 68), Wayne Knight in 1955 (age 57)
- David Duchovny in 1960 (age 52) and Charlize Theron in 1975 (age 37).

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